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  • Oven drying speed up to 2500 ends / minute.
  • Suits ends : 200, 202, 206 and more.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Annealing
  • Forming
  • Drill bit heating
  • Bolt heating
  • Heat treating of components.
  • Manfredi SPA to Italy
  • Induction casting furnaces
  • Induction Statix furnaces
  • Dental furnaces

Welcome to Australian Induction Heating

Induction Heating

Australian Induction Heating designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of solid state induction heating and melting equipment.

Established in Australia in 1968 and based in Victoria, the company provides induction heating services to local and world markets serving a broad range of manufacturing industries.

We design, manufacture, supply and service induction heating and melting equipment as well as upgrade, overhaul or retrofit used machines and equipment.

Our expertise lies in finding reliable and often innovative solutions which incorporate simple product design, ease of maintenance and long term serviceability.

high quality induction heating equipment

Our induction heating services include provision of equipment for:

Manfredi Distributor

Manfredi Induction Centrifugal Casting

AIH is an authorised Manfredi distributor and service centre for Australia and New Zealand. We provide sales, support and service for the complete range of Manfredi jewellery, dental casting, melting furnaces.

Contact us today for information about the complete range of Manfredi metal casting and melting machines.

AIH's Beverage can client Base :

Why Us?

Choose AIH for:

Proven solutions - We’re experienced in all facets of induction metal heating services and have provided solutions for industries including beverage can, automotive, power station maintenance, mining, building and jewellery manufacturing.

Custom design and manufacture - We design and manufacture to your specifications to suit budget and industry applications.

Availability - We supply to markets across Australia as well as to Europe and South East Asia.

Innovation - We are committed to ongoing research and development to meet the exacting needs of our clients.

Sales & Service
Sales and Repair for all Brands of Induction Casting and Melting Equipment